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These are Amazon wish lists full of books that I’d love to have for research. A few of them are already on the Bibliography page because I’ve found them in libraries or digital copies. These lists are just my way of keeping track of what books I’d still like a physical copy of. If you’re feeling particularly generous, these links provide a way for you to directly support my research. Just add the book to your cart, and select “Trevor Culley’s Gift Registry Address” as the shipping address.

Please feel free to ignore the ridiculously overpriced text books. These lists are also a way for me to keep track of resources I still need to track down.

Achaemenid Books – These are the books for most of the narrative so far, dealing with the Achaemenid Empire from about 540-330BCE.

Iran Religion Books – These are books to research religion in the Persian world. That mostly means Zoroastrianism, but also a few detailing the religions of neighboring peoples.

Alexander Books – These are the books I’ll need to research Alexander the Great, whose life will constitute the next short phase of the podcast after the Achaemenids.

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Recent Recommendations:

Creation by Gore Vidal. A fascinating historical fiction trip through the 5th century BC. Cyrus Spitama, a childhood friend of Xerxes and aged ambassador to Athens dictates his memoirs. Over the course of his life, he traveled impossible distances on behalf of the Great Kings, from Athens all the way to modern Kaifeng, China. Along the way he encounters philosophical figures ranging from Zoroaster to Confucius to Socrates.

The Parthian by Peter Darman. Exciting historical fiction following Prince Pacorus of Hatra. Hatra was one of the great kingdoms within the Parthian Empire, and this book follows Pacorus as he is sent west to confront the Romans. Pacorus is captured and enslaved, but that’s only the beginning of a journey around the whole ancient world.

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