Re- Introducing The Persian Royal Family Tree Project

I am pleased to announce some big developments in the ongoing family tree project. First and foremost, I was finally able to eliminate the confusing Dropbox-download and online Geneanet options. The full family tree is now completely online. Unfortunately I still can’t host it here because of the limitations enforced by WordPress. Instead, I’ve created a dedicated Wix site just for the family tree. See here or the Family Tree tab of the menu above.

The second major announcement is that I have completed the Achaemenid Family tree. Everyone from Achaemenes to Darius III and Alexander is now included. In the Complete 700-700 version of the tree (see here), this extends to most of the foreign dynasties with marriage-connections to the Achaemenids. There are some some further branches of the Argead Macedonian family to add, but the Achaemenid portions are complete.

Family Tree Up to the Invasion of Greece

Alright! In preparation for Episode 14, I had to get the Achaemenid Family tree down for a couple of generations, so this update will take the chart up to the generation of King Xerxes I. My big take away from this project? The Second Invasion of Greece was not kind to the Royal Family.

Instructions on the Family Tree Page

Download Link

Online Link

Family Tree Online Now!

I just set up the instructions to download an Achaemenid family tree from the Family Tree tab above. It was brought to my attention that things might have gotten a little confusing with all of the intermarrying names. Hopefully this helps clarify things. For now the tree is a read-only HTML file that you need to download from Dropbox. In the future, I hope to set it up as another web page all on its own, but for now I’m limited in what I can do on WordPress. Feedback, as always, is very much appreciated.

Dropbox Link 3/7/2019