Family Tree: The Next Generation

The insanity that is trying to keep track of these people. Each color circle corresponds to a different person. Each circle is that person being duplicated to try and keep all of this straight. This is really going to be the stage that we need these trees the most.

The next stage in the Achaemenid Family Tree is here with the children of Cyrus the Great, and a few other necessaries. Now with short biographical blurbs, references for what episode to find each figure in, and incest. Quite a few entries, especially the children of Cyrus, have references for episodes that won’t be released for many more weeks, but might give you a sense of my trajectory if you poke around enough.

A new, online only option is available for those that don’t want to download the HTML version through Geneanet. It’s not as nice of an interface as the download, for full explanation, check out the Family Tree page from the menu above. Download instructions available there as well.

My suggestion, even though we haven’t gotten to her yet, click on Atossa, daughter of Cyrus the Great.

UPDATED DOWNLOAD as of April 16, 2019

Geneanet online link

Family Tree Online Now!

I just set up the instructions to download an Achaemenid family tree from the Family Tree tab above. It was brought to my attention that things might have gotten a little confusing with all of the intermarrying names. Hopefully this helps clarify things. For now the tree is a read-only HTML file that you need to download from Dropbox. In the future, I hope to set it up as another web page all on its own, but for now I’m limited in what I can do on WordPress. Feedback, as always, is very much appreciated.

Dropbox Link 3/7/2019