62: Death In Quick Succession

Themistocles standing before Artaxerxes for the first time illustrated by Walter Crane in The story of Greece : told to boys and girls by Mary Mcgregor via Wikimedia

In late 465 BCE, Xerxes I – the King of Kings – was murdered in his sleep by his own captain of the guard, Artabanus the Hyrcanian. Artabanus and a group of highly placed conspirators chose their victim’s third son, Artaxerxes to be their puppet on the throne and moved to secure their coup. Unbeknownst to them, Artaxerxes was not easily manipulated. When the conspirators turned on one another, the Achaemenid Empire plunged headfirst into the age of Artaxerxes with a new round of civil wars.

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One thought on “62: Death In Quick Succession

  1. M. A. Khanpour

    i am quiet new to your podcast.
    have to say it is an interesting listen.
    it could be good if you upload your podcast to an iranian podcast host like shenoto or fidibo so as to make it more accessable inside iran.
    i have to admit i learn quiet afew new things from your podcast.
    thanks for your hard work.


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