54: Two By “Sea”

Mycale battlefield diagram via Livius.org

Supposedly on the same day as the Battle of Plataea, another battle was unfolding at the foot of Mount Mycale (modern Mount Dilek). The Greek fleet agreed to aid Samian rebels against Persia and sailed all the way to mainland Anatolia to fight the Persian fleet. Still recovering from Salamis, the Persians opted to turn the confrontation into a land battle, but the new general, Tigranes, and his men were overwhelmed and even more of the fleet was destroyed by Greek hands.

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2 thoughts on “54: Two By “Sea”

  1. M.A.KH

    first i have to say thank you for this interesting podcast.
    it is very engaging and informative.
    being from Iran i have one suggestion. seeing as some times our access to some sites in Iran can be limited it would be nice if you could upload your content on local podcast sites such as : shenoto (https://shenoto.com/) or fidibo (https://fidibo.com/) or taaghche (https://taaghche.com/).
    thanks fro your hard work
    with best regards


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