History of Persia Podcast

83: Routine Maintenance History of Persia

We follow the Spartan general, Clearchus, as he was taken into captivity in Babylon before following the royal court off to the building projects and border disputes of Artaxerxes II's empire. The Alexander Standard -Listen Now! Apple | Google | RSS | Website Patreon | Support Page | STORE Twitter | Facebook | Instagram — Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/history-of-perisa/support
  1. 83: Routine Maintenance
  2. Solidarity with the Iranian People
  3. 82: Debrief of the Brothers
  4. 81: Cunaxa
  5. 80: On the March

3 thoughts on “History of Persia Podcast

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  2. Rev. Dr. Christian C. Tiews

    Am studying Farsi and want to learn everything I can about this fascinating culture. Thank you for your diligent work. Very enlightening and also enjoyable!

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  3. Frank Carey

    I also came to the Achaemenid empire via Mr Carlin and have now found myself here, I’ve listened to 40 episodes and will continue. Trevor Culley’s “history of Persia” is excellent. This podcast is informative, detailed, interesting and entertaining. The structure of episodes allows for the narrative to flow with rich detail of many aspects of the Persian empire. Fantastic knowledge, truly democratic. Thank you.


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