Episode 19: Three Kings and The Magi

Gaumata trampled under Darius’s foot as depicted in the Behistun Inscription. From Livius.org via Wikimedia Commons under Creative Commons CC0 1.0 Universal Public Domain Dedication.

In 522 BCE, the Persian Empire sat on the edge of Chaos. Between March and September of that year, 3 men sat on the Persian throne, and according to the official royal history one of those kings was actually impersonated by a couple of magi. This episode is the first to really question who the Magi were. This episode also discusses the many theories of what really happened that year.

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Aspects of History and Epic in Ancient Iran: From Gaumāta to Wahnām

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2 thoughts on “Episode 19: Three Kings and The Magi

    1. You’d think that. I certainly pitch this idea all the time, but so far as I know it’s never been done. There may be something from Iran that I don’t know about since Iranian media doesn’t permeate much in the west. For western audiences though, I think most business people making publishing and production decisions would probably view the story as too purely Persian.


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