Episode 5: Crossing the Halys

A Greek libation bowl depicting Croesus sitting on his funeral pyre while servant ignites the fire. Currently housed at the Louvre.

Just as Cyrus the Great, now officially the King of Persia, was consolidating his hold over the recently conquered Median Empire, a new war started. This time, the Persians were facing Lydia, the fabulously wealthy Anatolian kingdom ruled by King Croesus. This war really had it all. Deceptive strategies, surprising alliances, strange tactics, and wildly confused ancient sources to tell the story, but in the end it was just one achievement for Cyrus. 
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4 thoughts on “Episode 5: Crossing the Halys

  1. rosstwele

    Frustratingly, within the WordPress app that link won’t take me to the Podcasts app. But I’m sure it really is there. I’ll find it another way. Thanks!

    Btw, my double comment is also directly tied to the WordPress app’s bugginess.

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  2. Mark Dorney

    Re the camels, I recently read a book about the Vandal kingdom in North Africa. Apparently the Berber raiders, when on the defensive, would circle their camels and fight from within this barrier, which apparently protected from cavalry charges, spooking the horses. The author was Simon McDowall, titled Conquerors of the Roman Empire: The Vandals


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